Runcloud and Hetzner servers

Runcloud installation script has dependency of 2 packages which does not comes in by default in some Ubuntu images that

Install Brotli PHP extension on RunCloud

# Set module name MODULE_NAME="brotli" # Set PHP version PHPRC_VERSION="php74rc" # Download extension git clone –recursive –depth=1 cd php-ext-brotli

Install APCu PHP extension on RunCloud

# Install required dev tools sudo apt install autoconf libpcre3-dev # Set module name MODULE_NAME="apcu" # Set module version MODULE_VERSION="5.1.18"

Use Rocket-Nginx under RunCloud

Login as root then enter following commands. cd /etc/nginx-rc git clone cd rocket-nginx cp rocket-nginx.ini.disabled rocket-nginx.ini php rocket-parser.php As

Useful RunCloud Hacks

In this page I shared all the RunCloud hacks that I have been using. 1) WordPress under subdirectory in Nginx